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    Neurological disorders can be classified into various types based on their characteristics and affected areas of the nervous system.


    Neurosurgical disorders refer to conditions that require surgical intervention for the management or treatment of neurological conditions.


    With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, we offer cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment options to cater to unique needs of patients


    Orthopedic disorders are conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

    About Us

    Dr. Deepak Aiwale (Consultant Neurologist) and Dr. Amit Aiwale (Consultant Neurosurgeon) from Neurooigins’ Clinic have come up with a dedicated Neurocare (Brain and Spine) center at Solaris Superspecialty Hospital. It has a state of the art Modular ICU equipped with continuous video EEG monitoring and NCV/EMG testing facility.

    Our Specialist Doctors Team

    Whether it’s general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, cardiology, oncology, or any other specialty, patients can rely on Solaris Hospital doctors for expertise, professionalism, and a strong focus on patient-centered care. Their dedication to improving the quality of life for their patients makes them a trusted and respected medical team within the community.

    Dr Deepak Aiwale

    MD , DM

    Senior Consultant Neurologist Chairman

    Dr Amit Aiwale

    MS, DNB

    Consultant Brain & Spine Neurosurgeon

    Dr Sunil Katkade

    MD, DA.

    Senior Anaesthetist
    CEO and Chief Medical Director

    Dr Kiran Shinde

    DNB , DRM

    Consultant Obstetrician & Gynacologist Infertility Specialist

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